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Trituradora de doble eje K30

The K30 shredders are used in industrial processes for the volume reduction of the following materials: plastic (purges in PET, HDPE, PVC, PP o PC, and plastic in general, pipes and profiles, PET bottles, etc., HDPE cans, drums and IBCs, automotive components in ABS, PU, PP, PE), RDF and SRF, packaging, solid/liquid separation, oil filters, food waste, aluminum swarfs and cans, metal swarfs, electric cables, WEEE, confidential documents, paper, cardboards, wooden pallets, hazardous and pharmaceutical waste.

The throughput can vary from 600 to 2000kg/h according to the type of material and to the blade set adopted.

For additional information about the materials that can processed with the CL system, please make reference to us.

Check the dedicated box for a full description of the system.


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