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Trituradora de cuatro ejes 4R 200-400

4-shaft shredders are recommended in all those applications where you need to get regulated dimensions of the material processed and to combine power and processing speed.

Used both as stand-alone machines or inside more complex lines as refiners, the models available (1500mm and 1950mm) are the 4R200 and 4R400 series.

The production rates that these models ensure goes from 1,5 to 7 t / h, depending on the materials and with a final size of the material (using the selection screen) of 50x50mm or 75x75mm.

The materials are E-waste, hazardous waste, pharmaceutical and hospital waste, appliances (second step), car tires and trucks already shredded, RDF, RDS, food material, oil filters (second step), aluminum and metal cans, packaging, cartons, textile material and big bags in raffia, wood pallets.


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