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Enfriadores de agua centrales
enfriados por aire SICC-A-R2


La serie SICC-A es aplicable para enfriar moldes para reducir el ciclo de moldeo de productos, también están disponibles para enfriar equipos para mantener una temperatura normal. Además, son aptos para otras industrias con necesidad de refrigeración.



  • Modularized design makes it easier to combine module units 1~15. Cooling capacity can be enlarged by increasing the number of modules or choose appropriate modules to connect to existing system. 

  • The water route of the modules can be linked via linking one module to the inlet/outlet water tube. 

  • No need to install the inlet/outlet water tube for each module alone. 

  • The soft rubber tube is used to connect the modules, thus it is very convenient to construct.

  • Adopt components like scroll compressor, expansion valve which ensure stable performance. 

  • The whole unit will not stop due to one module failure.

  • When the unit starts up, the controller of the master unit will automatically ON/OFF and load of each module according to system load. 

  • Hence, lowering energy consumption during non-peak hours.

  • Link individual controller, capable of detaching any module to realize another cooling system.

  • Protection grade: IP54.

  • Equipped RS485 communication realizes remote monitoring and network function.

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